Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Most companies today struggle with their rapidly growing volume of critical corporate knowledge. A large amount of useful information is trapped in information silos, such as email inboxes. There is also a gap in understanding and knowing where organizational expertise and talent reside in the organization. Add to this the loss of organizational knowledge when employees leave the company.

The paradox of this is the increased dependency on information and knowledge technology for innovation and building value. The Enterprise Social Media market has grown rapidly in the few years and the rate of growth is accelerating. Companies are adopting cloud technologies to reduce the costs of maintaining larger and larger sets of data. Cloud technologies also facilitate the use of mobile platforms and tablet devices, which are providing employees with unprecedented access to information.

The rapid pace of change, the need to innovate quickly, dispersed and remote workforces, and increased customer demands make capturing and utilizing corporate knowledge even more challenging. A strategic approach to providing both knowledge management and collaboration is needed. It should be seamless and an integral of business operations.

Knowledge Management / Collaboration is not just technology. It is not just storing documents. It is not having an internal social media site or utilizing instant messaging. It is about sharing and collaborating. That is frequently the most difficult challenge. It is often a cultural challenge.

knowledge management environment framework

ArborSys works with you to understand your opportunities and challenges, build the enabling structure, support your initiatives, and make sure you achieve successful implementation. We apply a framework that establishes the business value and create your strategic roadmap. We then use an iterative approach to execute and implement each phase of your Knowledge Management / Collaboration roadmap.

knowledge management roadmap

We also provide focused turnkey services to meet your specific needs:

  • Design a Knowledge Management / Collaboration strategy to support your business objectives
  • Produce a Knowledge Management / Collaboration Roadmap to direct future efforts
  • Lead and support the evaluation and selection of Knowledge Management / Collaboration solutions
  • Organize and manage pilot Knowledge Management / Collaboration programs
  • Develop the Change Management plan to accelerate the adoption of your Knowledge Management / Collaboration tools and processes

Knowledge Management / Collaboration initiatives offer major returns on investment. They can capture corporate knowledge to, not just retain it, but to make it usable. The ability to collaborate with co-workers in other functional areas, on other projects, or with beneficial insight or ideas is invaluable.

Those benefits do not come easily. There are technology prerequisites, necessary process changes, and structures to be defined and implemented. Most importantly there is an organizational and cultural transformation that must occur. A solid strategic roadmap used with an effective, repeatable framework makes it easier to implement these types of transformational systems effectively. ArborSys can help. We have the people, process, and expertise to support your knowledge management / collaboration initiatives.

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We assist our clients in identifying and assessing the organizational capabilities and culture to define:

  • High value​​ knowledge / collaboration opportunities
  • Organizational readiness
  • Knowledge requirements
  • Knowledge assets
  • Knowledge creation and usage processes
  • Governance and organization of knowledge assets
  • Existing infrastructures and tools
  • Business case / value realization
  • Strategic Roadmap

Based upon business priorities, we provide consultation to develop the appropriate strategy and roadmap to meet identified knowledge needs.

​Based upon the existing gaps and needs, we assist in identifying best practices and opportunities to streamline or improve Knowledge Management / Collaboration processes:

  • Knowledge capture and creation
  • Knowledge sharing and usage within and between organizational units
  • Governance, organization, and accessibility of knowledge assets
  • Collaboration pervasiveness and alignment with organization mission and goals

Based upon the existing needs, we assist in supporting the implementation and transition to Knowledge Management / Collaboration processes and helping organizations transform through:

  • Change Management strategies and processes targeting building acceptance and participation
  • Developing programs to support and foster senior executive visibility and support
  • Identifying high visibility internal champions to act as change agents for key business units / work groups
  • Create a success strategy to recognize successes and reward active and visible participation

We provide the organizational support to make the transition successful and ensure that the new Knowledge Management / Collaboration culture is fully adapted.

Sustained transformation and value realization are facilitated by instilling best practices throughout the organization during implementation. Best practices are developed throughout the design and development of the solution. They are integrated into implementation through training and reinforcement.

Best practices drive the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution. KPIs are developed to monitor best practice compliance. These KPIs can provide early warning indicators of any lapse in compliance and transformation. On-going communications and awareness programs are also used to mitigate the risk of those lapses.