ArborSys Capabilities Overview

The ArborSys Approach

Change is and will always be a constant in the business environment. Responsiveness to change and the ability to adapt allow successful organizations to maintain sustainable competitive advantage. The pace of change continues to rapidly accelerate and with it, the number and complexity of business processes and organizational information demands. Decision makers require access to relevant information quickly and early enough in the process to assess risks, make decisions with more precision, and adjust plans. Mergers and acquisitions to increase product pipelines and service portfolios lead to cost pressures to standardize and optimize processes across entities, and consolidate the technology solutions and infrastructure to reduce operational costs.

These business drivers require a holistic approach to address the multifaceted challenges of business technology, management/operations, and transformation/change. At ArborSys, we address all of these facets and leverage our deeply experienced teams to provide consulting and offer solutions in these key areas.

Business Technology Consulting

Information technology (IT) initiatives deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right context – ensuring information is timely, relevant, secure, and actionable. Enabling this paradigm requires IT solutions address the broader user experience across a business activity, rather than point solutions addressing specific business need. The information inherent in business processes are housed in multiple, disparate sources and must be quickly assembled, contextualized, and personalized for delivery. Consequently, IT organizations need tools and disciplined processes to rapidly leverage or extend existing infrastructures to create value.

ArborSys Capabilities Overview

Management/Operations Consulting

In order to develop solutions that meet the business vision and deliver value, it is imperative to begin any major initiative by ensuring clarity on the business purpose. Through our engagements, ArborSys teams emphasize an approach that views the roadmap and program/ project plans from the perspective of Business Capabilities to be delivered. We view business capabilities as the fundamental abstraction to describe business requirements, providing the context of the customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. The business capabilities are mapped to the business processes, functional needs and finally to the systems and technologies, making the redundancies and gaps of the current state more obvious. Our approach is business centric and we leverage standard frameworks to develop the roadmap and plans, as illustrated below:

ArborSys Management and Operations Consulting Capabilities

Transformation/Change Consulting

Traditionally, change management has focused on people, process, and technology. Increasingly, a fourth element, Information, has become crucial to organizations as they attempt to understand changing markets and add value by leveraging information and knowledge assets to improve decisions and time to market.

ArborSys brings the traditional expertise in change management focus as well as a deep understanding of data, information and knowledge integration projects that required new processes to be defined, new and existing technologies to be integrated, and managing the change of impacted employee roles and responsibilities.

Change Management Focus Areas

What We Do

Our experienced team understands the dynamics of change and its impact on the needs of our clients’ IT organizations. Our goal and focus is the development of client relationships where we are viewed as valued partners in meeting these challenges. By leveraging enabling technologies, we deliver the disciplined repeatable processes, frameworks, and services to support our clients’ needs. We address this by looking at both sides of the decision-making and information needs equation: content and context.

A business-centric approach is required in implementing solutions that deliver the next generation of the information workplace addressing all facets of the business: People and Organization, Business Process, Regulations and Policies, IT Strategy, and Technology. ArborSys brings this perspective to our clients with a team of people possessing the right blend of professional skills and experience.

ArborSys Management and Operations Consulting Capabilities

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ArborSys is a business consulting and technology integration services firm committed to responding with agile solutions to the challenges of today's dynamic business climate. We leverage our knowledgebase of experience to bring expertise to every engagement. Our mission is quite simple: deliver business value, empower our clients, and promote team excellence. ArborSys people bring a balance of discipline, creativity, perspective, and focus to make a difference for our clients.