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Business Challenges

ArborSys Information Media Industry services solutions

The Information and Media industry is continually challenged to create products that are not only highly customized, but are also produced for an ever-growing assortment of formats and delivery channels, while reducing costs and improving time to market. The transition to a digital world is accelerating. Traditional print publishing is disappearing especially for business-to-business information content and media. Pricing models are being driven toward the same as the music industry with large segments expecting little to no cost for consuming content. While new developments in automation and optimization technologies are available to improve the product development workflow, integrating these technologies is complex. There is a high demand for producing real-time, customized content on demand that further adds to the risk and complexity of any solution.

We, at ArborSys, leverage our industry knowledge and technical expertise to assist our clients in optimizing their processes by designing and building custom solutions and integrations that leverage industry leading technologies.

ArborSys Solutions

  • Strategic Roadmap Development
    • We provide consulting services to review our clients’ business initiatives, analyze the current infrastructure state, and assist in developing a technical roadmap to achieve improved efficiencies in required areas of the publishing lifecycle.
  • XML Content Schema Design and Development
    • ArborSys assists our clients in developing XML DTDs and schema to validate an XML document and provide quality, consistency, and maintainability for all XML needs. We leverage and extend industry standard DTDs and schemas definitions whenever possible.​​​​​​
  • Custom Authoring and Publishing Solutions
    • We design and develop customized solutions to address the full product lifecycle from content creation, content management, transformation, and integration of design tools to apply design templates and render the content for “publish ready” products to all your target outputs – print or BYOD web. Our solutions leverage industry standard off-the-shelf products such as XML editors, content management tools, and design tools.
  • Archival Solutions
    • ArborSys provides customized archival solutions for the management of all final files for published products. Our solutions address the full workflow for submissions of assets, processing the submissions request to upload and categorize the assets, and the fulfillment workflows when requests are made for the archived assets. Clients achieve improved control of their intellectual property, and improved efficiencies in repurposing existing assets for customized editions, future revisions, or reuse for new products.
  • Digital Asset Management Solutions
    • We design and build customized solutions for the management of all digital assets and IP management, allowing improved management and repurposing of these assets. Our solutions can integrate the Digital Asset library with authoring solutions to request existing digital assets, and fulfill the request for the development of customized or new products.
  • ​Integration Services to Design Tools
    • ArborSys has a knowledgebase of integrations we have developed for applicable technologies in this domain that we leverage in our engagements. We also leverage our off-shore​ capabilities to ensure optimal solution delivery and support via:
      • Extensions of the PTC EPIC integrations to EMC Documentum for XML authoring ​EMC.
      • Documentum Adapter for Adobe InDesign Server​​.