Technology Selection Facilitation and Advisement

Need help navigating the vendor / technology selection process? ArborSys is your unbiased advisor!

ArborSys Technology Advisement Services

Selecting a vendor technology solution is seldom easy. Even requesting vendors to respond to specific questions in a RFI rarely provides clarity. The larger issue is the questions you are not asking. Being unfamiliar with a vendor’s tool makes it extremely difficult to ask the right questions. Also, without knowing the “gotchas” that arise during installation and implementation, it is hard to develop an understanding of how the vendor responds to those situations.

Another issue that may be even more important is the vendor’s in-depth working knowledge of your industry and business needs. Do they understand the underlying compliance and regulatory requirements you face? Are they knowledgeable about your processes and workflows? Even if the vendor has deployed their solution within your industry, they may not have a working knowledge of your specific business needs.

ArborSys can help you bridge these gaps. Our in-depth industry knowledge provides us with an understanding of your business operations. ArborSys business and technology experts enter your engagement with industry and domain knowledge to work with your staff and anticipate your specific needs. Since they are familiar with vendor technology solutions through hands-on implementation experience, they can address specific installation, configuration, and implementation issues that need to be considered.

Our team can assist with your technology deployment from the RFI decision stage through full implementation. ArborSys has in-depth experience in developing technology evaluation criteria and weighted vendor scoring models. Our knowledge of your requirements and the available technology solutions enable us to craft selection criteria and a scoring model that frames your decision within in the context of your business needs.

An equally valuable result is that you will be aware of all potential installation and implementation issues that need to be addressed. This allows you to plan and resource your initiative effectively with an accurate budget and schedule.

Contact us to learn more about how we can get your initiative off to a fast start with the best solution for your needs. ArborSys offers unique solutions to technology selection and an array of services that provide:

  • Domain experience with real understanding of your business and technology
  • Value-driven prioritization of business initiatives
  • Rapid determination of feasibility and value through proof-of-concept
  • Unbiased technology evaluations and recommendations
  • Quick implementation of technology capabilities and tools
  • Leverage and jump start subsequent project through creation of a solution center of excellence
  • Long-term experience in highly regulated industries; supporting Pharma, Financial Services, Healthcare, and the public sector