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High-impact learning programs that are relevant to business needs, executed rapidly, scalable, and sustainable

In today’s dynamic business climate, organizations must be able to effectively adapt to and manage change to stay competitive. Change means new or improved processes and new technologies. In order to compete globally, organizations must train employees on evolving procedures, processes, and technologies with increasing frequency under tight deadlines. Just as important is the development of skills and knowledge within the organization that will be needed in the future or serve to build core capabilities.

ArborSys provides learning and development (L&D) expertise to support your organizational or project needs. We can provide L&D leadership across the project lifecycle or fill specific roles in instructional design, e-learning development, and/or course delivery.

We collaborate with your L&D or project team, complementing the talents of your internal staff. We are passionate about delivering the best L&D solutions to help your organization evaluate needs, develop effective solutions, and measure results. We understand the importance of corporate L&D, and we have the experience to help ensure your project’s success.

ArborSys provides a full range of L&D services, including:

  • Instructional Design & Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Learning Technology Consulting
  • Learning Project Management

Our consultants have experience in developing content and instructional materials in many industries and for a variety of training requirements. We develop course content in different media and for delivery in a variety of forms ranging from formal to informal.

formal to informal forms of learning

The ArborSys Learning and Development Framework

ArborSys applies a framework to L&D initiatives that allows us to understand your needs, assess the factors most relevant to those needs, identify specific gaps to address, and design solutions to meet your needs.

We start with your business drivers. Based on your needs or opportunities we execute a series of assessments based on the unique aspects of your business drivers and your organization. We select the assessments that are likely to have the most impact on the project and desired outcome. Information gathered from the assessments is also used later as it frequently influences many of the solution design decisions.

We perform gap analyses at organizational, people, and performance levels. The result is a comprehensive record of specific knowledge, skills, and/or training requirements. Then, a solution design is proposed based on the required results, influencing organizational factors, and the specific gaps. The solution may suggest multiple delivery modalities through one or more platforms.

The ArborSys Instructional Design & Development Methodology

We create training content as learning objects. These learning objects are reusable components. We design and develop them to assemble as needed to create specific solution components. The learning objects are reusable at multiple levels. The specific solutions may be e-learning modules, instructor-led courses, or blended learning offerings. The development of the learning objects and subsequent assembly into course materials follows our structured methodology that provides clients with multiple opportunities to provide feedback and input.

Learning and Development Methodology

The ArborSys Difference

We help our clients align business and people strategies. First and foremost, we understand your business goals and needs and how those relate to your organization. Our approach to L&D applies our proven methodologies and technology to customize services and solutions specifically for your needs. We can help you improve business results by:

  • Developing learning solutions supported by a solid value proposition
  • Creating a strategic roadmap for integrating learning technology
  • Integrating your L&D programs with your knowledge and collaboration management systems

If L&D initiatives are not well executed, they can have serious consequences for an organization. ArborSys can help. We have the people, processes, and expertise to support all of your L&D needs.

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‚ÄčThe pace of technology change is having a major impact on L&D. It will affect it even more in the future. Our audiences today are more sophisticated. They have higher expectations based on the technology they use every day. They know about personalization, apps and websites that make recommendations for them, and technologies that anticipate their needs.

People want to interact more. When at a conference or trade show, attendees want to use technology to interact with other attendees and event presenters. The people in our audiences are use to using their smartphones or tablets to create additional engagement.

Our audiences do not want to just read or observe. They have higher expectations of what, when, and how L&D should be delivered. Their expectations are going to grow as technology advances and costs drop.