Business Technology Consulting

ArborSys' Business Technology Consulting teams help our clients achieve realized benefits through the implementation and execution of new or redesigned technology strategies that link their business priorities with enabling technologies to create strategic opportunities for differentiation and value. Our professional insight and in-depth industry knowledge provides clients with solutions that are realistic, innovative, and cost effective.

We offer a broad set of solutions that address our clients most challenging questions in realizing the full potential of their IT resources, investments, and assets including:

  • IT Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Roadmap Development
  • IT Effectiveness Assessment and Transformation
  • Business-IT Engagement Model
  • IT Implementation and Program/Project Management
  • IT Metrics and Dashboards

Organizations today have unprecedented opportunities. They also face exceptional challenges. IT is at the forefront of many of these opportunities and challenges.

The rise of the internet has fueled the spread of personal and enterprise social networks. These have increased the power and reach of individuals. It has also provided a rich, new source of consumer data. Organizations are capitalizing on this massive new source of information. When consumer data is married with back office transactional data and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, it creates massive stores of actionable data. The amount of data is increasing even more with mobility and the customers' ability to constantly communicate and transact. Organizations increasingly complete on analytics. This drives the demand hybrid IT and cloud computing technology to meet the infrastructure requirements to manage and analyze this data. Lastly, technology is blurring geographic, economic, and other boundaries making business and markets much more dynamic and fluid.

Business technology initiatives are seldom discrete. They are driven by business needs and have business and operations requirements and implications. Often times there are also organizational and human factor implications. ArborSys consultants provide broad business experience and deep specialized knowledge to advise clients on strategic and tactical business technology problems. We assemble client teams based on the specific requirements for the client's work. We draw from our core areas of expertise to provide each client with an expert team with the experience and specialized domain knowledge for their project.

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